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Instead of Digging Through the Couch Cushions…

Last time I wrote about the importance of having a cash emergency fund of 3-6 months of your income.  Let’s talk about some ways of raising those funds…

Cash is King. Well, Princely at Least

In the January 31st blog post, I outlined what comprises a basic financial plan.  Let’s start now with the first item – an emergency reserve (or what I call in the plan “Cash”).

So What is a Financial Plan Anyway?

Here is a quick teaser of what I call the “Yellow Pad Plan”.  I call it that because when I work with people to create a financial plan, I start with a blank yellow pad and a number of questions.  It’s a basic roadmap for keeping track of your financial situation.  It’s not fancy, but it is based on 25 years of experience working with families to build and maintain their financial goals and it covers the main items that other, much more elaborate (and much more expensive),

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